Miner sees long future for bowen basin coal mining

Miner sees long future for bowen basin coal mining

Karnataka minister, coal industry and a lot more

Sangeet Somaiya talks about the rise of renewables, and of mining coal for minerals

Sangeet Soma바카라사이트iya, the new coal minister of Karnataka, has made the move of seeking an extension of his term. He said the ministry would not be accepting bids for mining coal from state firms like MGNREGA unless the government got coal for its projects.

The coal minister was speaking before the Karnataka state Parliament, addressing about 2,000 party activists and workers in his department. He said he would get an extension of his term starting from August 15, saying he hjarvees.comad a lot of challenges in the coming days.

“There are problems of power outages because of mines at various locations. Our state economy is on the downhill path. If we can take advantage of our mines and find more coal in the mines then it will be very beneficial for the whole state. Our mines have made us a coal country. We’ve created over 바카라사이트1,500 jobs in our state. We have a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of this mine,” Somaiya said.

Somewaiya said his ministry would do all it could for the coal sector.

“We have worked hard for the mineral resource in my ministry. We have sent coal trains to China. We are the first coal company to get a permit from the Department of Land, Environment and Forests in Bengaluru.”

“Our mines provide employment and prosperity for millions of families. We have created over 1,200 job for people who have had to migrate due to the adverse weather conditions. We have done more than 200 rehabilitation works with Indian railways,” he added.

Somaiya’s cabinet colleague, state environment and forest minister T.C.K. Sundararaj, said if his government was to take over the coal ministry there would be several significant changes being contemplated.

He said his ministry was looking into various coal mines across the country, and it would like to tap all the possible opportunities.

However, Somaiya said he had already told him his ministry’s objective was to take over the coal ministry with the state as the only major player in the coal sector, and his ministry would continue to work on this.

“My government is also keenly eyeing up the mining of coal in the region, especially coal-rich areas.

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