On the 18th of March 1994, a Royal Decree was passed to establish The Office of The Registrar at Khon Kaen University. Later, in order to improve and support its increased mission, the university re-organized many divisions, and as a result, The Office of The Registrar was combined with the Education Service Division of The Office of the President. In the year 2005, a change in name was requested and it became “Bureau of Academic Administration and Development”. However, only in 2015 did the name change come into effect. Bureau of Academic Administration and Development plays an important role in various fields by supporting the efficient development of academic work, course syllabi, and the university’s education services. In addition, the office supports graduates as part of Khon Kaen University’s mission. Bureau of Academic Administration and Development has an office on Level 1 of the Pimol Kolkij building and partially occupies office space on Level 2.

The following are the 4 main processes of Bureau of Academic Administration and Development:

1) To direct the Admissions Process for Khon Kaen University students. Bureau of Academic Administration and Development has proceeded with direct admission for the incoming students of Khon Kaen University, and these first processes for the students are applying for testing and selecting a Faculty. Next, the responsibilities include the following: 1) arranging the examination rooms, 2) conducting the testing, 3) announcing the scores, 4) conducting interviews, 5) announcing the final candidates, 6) collecting admission fees, and 7) providing confirmation for the students. Most of these processes are done via the office’s website, and fees are paid through a bank, the Thai post office, or by way of Counter Service.

2) To supporting Course Management. Bureau of Academic Administration and Development is the main division that supports Course Management. This includes supporting the processes of approving the opening of new courses, improving existing courses, and closing courses. In order to make certain that accurate decisions are made and that these decisions are in accordance with existing rules and regulations, collaboration takes place with the Faculties and with The Office of the Higher Education Commission to seek approval for these course changes. Moreover, Bureau of Academic Administration and Development also supports and promotes the operations of the faculties to verify that they are functioning within the Qualifications Framework for Higher Education and Course Quality Assurance.

3) Student registration services. Bureau of Academic Administration and Development provides registration services to students at all levels. The services include maintaining student records, providing class timetables & exam timetables, offering registration services, disseminating study results, and offering cooperative study. Furthermore, the office assures that all of these functions are performed in accordance to the university’s announcements or regulations. The processes and timeframes for each of the activities are clearly announced through various media channels, so that students and members of the faculties can be aware of the guidelines.

4) Providing Educational Documentation. In accordance with the University’s Announcements and Regulations, Bureau of Academic Administration and Development provides all types of educational documents for both current and former students, such as Education Certificates and Transcripts. These services are provided through various channels.


Vision and Mission
Vision : Leader of the Service and Support for the Education Process.
1. To be committed to a just, equal, transparent, fast, and internationalized system of Education Management.
2. To develop a systematic and efficient Resource Management.
3. To develop the database that can support educational services by using modern technology.
4. To develop a Public Relations system and to engage in pro-active marketing.
Core Value
S = Smart Service
M = Management by Fact
A = Agility
R = Rule of Law and Equity
T = Teamwork and Learning Together
R = Responsibility
E = Engagement
G = Good Governance
Core Competencies
1. Direct admission for Khon Kaen University students.
2. Management of the Course Database.
3. Student Registration System Services.